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Mobile Park Home Structures:

Mobile Park Home Structures

Structures are constructed using a suspended steel chassis as a sub structure: (Heavy duty steel base frame suspended from adjustable jacks.)

Super Structures

Super Structures

Super Structures are constructed using insulated panels. Panels are manufactured to any length and various facing materials and finishes are available with frost white as a standard. Typically, these panels have a lifespan of 30 years before it need to be repainted.

The benefits and advantages

The benefits and advantages

The benefits and advantages using our insulated panelling is that panels are prefabricated and accelerates the installation process by reducing time spent on the site. It is energy efficient and a fundamental element in our global fight against climate change. It also reduces electrical bills as air-conditioned rooms benefit from the insulation properties of the system.

Insulated panels

Insulated panels are much more sound proof (in comparison with ordinary construction / dry-walling) and provides a much stronger service to mount shelves, TV's, frames, etc.

Maintenance and repairs are also part of our service.

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