Standard Tongue and Groove Insulated Panels

Panelman specialises in the manufacturing of insulated panels and doors to form insulated structures.
Panels are manufactured to any length and consist of two pre-stressed skins permanently bonded to fire retardant Polystyrene, Polyurethane or Rock-wool in press by using a heat polymerizing adhesive.

Lamination under pressure with 100% adhesive coverage gives the panel its impressive strength characteristics. These panels combine the strength of a male/female joint with the insulation properties of a snug core to core fit. Various facing materials and finishes are available with frost white chromodeck as a standard. Typically, these panels are 1185mm wide with a thickness ranging from 40mm to 300mm. They are normally packed on pallets and can be unloaded in most situations using ordinary forklifts.


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Polystyrene is generally used in panel applications due to its insulation properties and high strength to weight ratio. All polystyrene used by Panelman is regularly tested to EPSASA standards and contains a flame retardant additive, which restricts the extent of burn but is not classified as a fire stop material.

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Polyurethane Panels

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Polyurethane used are made from fully cured foam slabs thereby ensuring they are flat and not subjected to further shrinkage when cut. It is CFC free but not HCFC free. Even though PU is not non-combustible, it does not burn in the same way as other foams such as polystyrene. Polyurethane when subject to fire forms a carbonaceous layer which retards further flame spread and penetration but being an organic compound will eventually burn.

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